Leveraging Our Greatest Organizational Resource

patricia-bennettThere is no doubt that there is increasing pressure to do more with less. Whether you manage a government department or a non-profit organization, the needs of those we serve typically outweigh available resources. Moreover, there is an increased demand for transparency requiring us to demonstrate that we are doing our best with our limited resources. However, did you know that we have an untapped well of resources in our workforce? Research has shown that when the people we lead and manage are engaged in their work and workplaces, they are much more productive. In fact, a highly engaged workforce can increase productivity by 21%, lower absenteeism by 37%, and reduce workplace safety incidents by 48%. So how do we increase engagement? The first step is to measure and understand the organization’s current level of employee engagement. Check out this article regarding the twelve questions that are essential to measuring and improving workforce engagement.


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